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Welcome to the home of The Lore Seekers. We are an Everquest II level-locking, content-exhausting guild on the Crushbone server.

    If you want to experience the game in a complete and challenging way, without being tied to raiding schedules or pinning your ears back and speeding for the holy grail known as end game, then consider joining us on Crushbone. Our guild focuses on playing as much of the content as we can uncover and working interdependently in a drama free environment.

     Remember the sewers under the cities? Yeah, we did the quests in those. Level 20 class armor quests? You bet. Fairy LnL? Yes, we' did that too. Access quests that you don't even have to do anymore? Yes. The peacock quest line? Another yes.

     Quit kidding yourself. The game doesn't start at 95, it ends there. Come enjoy the game again for the first time if you have the discipline to slow down and play the content rather than the numbers. We want you to make this time through the game as complete and fulfilling as possible. We are not a raiding guild, but we will raid when we have the numbers to do so.

      New players or returning players are welcome, as long as you do not feed gear and plat your new character. We will give you guidance and patience. All we ask is if we're holding you up and pushing on the bike, that you pedal.
Guild News

New Website!!

DocBill, May 11, 13 10:31 PM.
Ok all the new website is up and running now.  Got to and register.

Feel free to poke around and let me know if you see anything funky.

We'll be locking the forums on here starting Monday, so please make any new posts over at the new site.  Also, anyone that has existing posts here that want to keep them can make a new post on the new forums (just copy paste).   Most of the topics here are old and likely don't pertain to use anymore, so I have only moved a few topics over to the new site, fyi.

Actions & Words vs Intentions

Strum D'Tunes, Mar 29, 13 8:45 AM.
It is human nature to see or hear things and then attempt to put meaning to those things. This is sometimes intentional and other times unintentional, but it is normal. One of the first words we learn is "why." Many times, if we had the luxury or gathering more information, we would modify the meaning or judgement we decreed upon the situation.

I once saw a woman at the other side of the grocery store scream and slap her child. I love kids so I couldn't help myself. I went over to her to give her a piece of my mind. I arrived to find her crying harder than the child. I discovered she had seen a bee on her daughter who was extremely allergic. She screamed to have her boyfriend do something and then swatted the bee herself.

Let's keep this story in mind as we work through the situation with what alts mean to the guild and the intentions of those who oppose or support their use.
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